No matter how you slice it, avocado toast is still a thing. There’s a seemingly endless appetite for it — currently more than 450,000 versions (and counting) hashtagged on Instagram as we write this, and Bon Appetit and the New Yorker both recently took deep-dives into its history (sorry, Australia, but LA has been serving avo toast since the 1930s) and place in our culture. But there’s a lot more you can do with avocado than mash it on a slice of bread, and our local chefs know it. Here are 10 great uses of avocado on menus all over town, from cocktails to tempura to cool and creamy desserts.

Avocado hummus at Momed
Avocado replaces chickpeas in this hummus, which also has tahini and lemon for a creamy, cool dip. It’s served on its own with warm flatbread, pickles and marinated olives, or as part of a plate with other spreads at the Atwater Village and Beverly Hills restaurants.

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