08/08/12 — Meaningful Nonsense

I’ll take some Momed

David and I just got home from a nice, relaxing dinner on South Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills at Momed (the old Rosi space) thanks to the recent discount from Blackboard Eats of 30% off. What a nice surprise and a change of pace from Sunin and Javan. Plus, with the general manager having worked at The Little Door, you can pretty much bet you’ll be in good hands. The idea behind this stainless steel and all glass restaurant is seasonal organic food blended with spices, herbs and olive oils to create modern Mediterranean cuisine.

We opted to sit outside where the lights from the cars reflected off our cobalt blue table water carafes and at first were confused by the menu, but then zoned in on what we wanted. I started with the cauliflower and cumin soup, YUMMO. David started with the Pide (Turkish flatbread) with minced chicken, pistachios and roasted peaches!For our entrees I ordered the lamb and beef koefte with a green bean and mint salad and the Tzatsiki. David had the oven roasted halibut special with the organic market vegetables. It is SO HARD to find good Mediterranean food on the Westside; it’s not like Delphi on Westwood is so great or Gaby’s on Venice is anything special. Well this place is. With all good selection of Mediterranean beer and wine, the menu left us certainly wanting to come back for more.

The best thing about it: we didn’t have to empty our wallets for our bellies to be full.

Next time I am on South Beverly I am headed to Saffron to try their fast, casual Indian food. Reviews on Yelp are all a flutter of how good (and reasonable) it is. I love Samosa House so I’m going to see how it compares.

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