New Years Menus

December 19, 2018Atwater News, Beverly Hills News

Join us New Year’s Eve! First seating for $55 between 5pm and 7pm and then second seating for $75 between the hours of 8:30pm to close. All reservations are pre-paid at the time of reservations. Tax, Tip and applicable charges will be added to the final check.

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15 Hidden Gem Restaurants in Los Angeles, 2017 Edition

September 30, 2017Atwater News

Los Angeles is a huge city. And by huge, that means over 500 square miles just for the municipality itself, not including outlying areas. What that means is that there’s plenty of opportunity for restaurants and bars to nestle themselves into the most unlikely locations. With neighborhoods spread out from the Pacific Ocean to the … Read More

10 Avocado Dishes in LA That Aren’t Toast

July 21, 2017Atwater News

No matter how you slice it, avocado toast is still a thing. There’s a seemingly endless appetite for it — currently more than 450,000 versions (and counting) hashtagged on Instagram as we write this, and Bon Appetit and the New Yorker both recently took deep-dives into its history (sorry, Australia, but LA has been serving avo toast since the … Read More

This Atwater Village restaurant hopes to highlight the refugee crisis with a new immigrant dinners series

May 16, 2017Atwater News

This May, Momed Atwater Village is holding weekly “immigrant dinners” every Wednesday, featuring nine dishes from a variety of countries including Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey and Egypt. The series is meant to promote the understanding and acceptance of different cultures and shine a light on the refugee and immigrant crisis affecting much of the … Read More